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Insurance Claims

Moppert Auto Collision works with ALL insurance companies. When it comes to an insurance claim process, we know it can be confusing so don't worry. We will be sure to help you through it with ease; by arranging towing your vehicle in if it is non-drivable, writing an estimate, scheduling rental car services or scheduling a ride home, and collecting payment from the insurance company. Our goal is to make this process as quick and painless as possible. 

A lot of people think they must have their car repaired where their insurance company recommends them to and that they don't have the right to take their car to the Collision Repair Facility of their choice. That’s false, you have the right to take your vehicle anywhere you desire to have the repairs preformed. 

We pride ourselves on quality and as our customer we will do everything needed to make sure the repairs to your car are done on time and to the highest quality by working with the insurance company to make sure no damage is over looked and it is returned in “Better Than New” condition. 

Repair Process 

After you have been in a Collision the first step is to call the police and get the incident documented. Moppert Auto Collision is dedicated to servicing you, so let us be your first call. Once we have your vehicle at our facility, we will help make all necessary arrangements to get you in a rental vehicle and start the repair process with the insurance company on your behalf.  When the repair process is started there are several key steps taken to help us make your car "Better Than New."

Once the vehicle enters the facility, we make sure to wash any dirt or debris off to ensure we don't overlook any damage that may be hidden. An initial estimate is written by the insurance company and then the vehicle is disassembled to see if there is any additional unseen damage and any further damaged is documented with the insurance company. Once everything is disassembled in the damaged areas, the repair process begins whether it be structural repair, sheet metal replacement, or minor body repair. The car is then sent from the “body shop” to the “paint shop” where the vehicle will undergo duplicating the factory caulking and undercoating processes. Necessary panels are then primed and sealed to make sure the paint lays down flawlessly.

The parts are then reassembled back onto the vehicle and the car is detailed. The car is then given its final inspection by one of our technicians and the insurance company to ensure the quality of the repair meets are “Better Than New” standards and it is ready for pickup!

Services for you

Auto Body Repair

We have state of the art facilities to ensure every customer that their car will return to the road with the same safety and performance it left the factory with. Whether it be minor dents and scrapes, or a repair that requires frame repairs with our certified technicians and 40+ years of experience, we got you covered.

Towing service

During business hours Monday-Saturday our towing service is available with our brand new (2015) Peterbilt rollback. For towing to our facilities outside of our business hours call Rich (610)-356-7500 for our towing recommendation.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

We offer PDR for any dents and dings that we can fix without having to sand and refinish the paint surface to repair helping keep cost and repair time down.

Glass services

We now offer glass replacement and repair at our facilities and in many cases can offer same-day service. Contact us for a free estimate.

Corrosion protection

When certain repairs our performed and the factory corrosion protection is removed, if these corrosion protections are not replaced in the same manor as applied from the factory these components on your vehicle will be susceptible to the elements, allowing for extensive rust damage to happen. Your vehicle will then not perform in the manner it was intended nor will it be as safe as it once was, so make sure your choosing a trained qualified repair facility to ensure your safety!


When it comes it a factory paint finish, it is all in the preparation that makes all the difference. With state of the art prep decks, and spray booths at our facilities our refinishing process is unparalleled. We make sure every panel that is painted is "Better Than New."

We Also Offer Custom Car Services...

  • After market wheels and tires
  • Window Tinting
  • Body kits
  • Wide body conversion
  • Big brake kits
  • Suspension upgrades
  • Performance parts
  • Custom painting